strategic market research

When I was at primary school, I won a prize for being the most observant pupil on our Year Six residential trip to Wales. I also remember feeling disappointed with my roommate Debbie for not putting her washbag away one morning so we lost a point on the "tidy rooms" inspection.

I realised then that I had a passion for learning about the people and places around me and also, a desire for things to be to a certain standard. Both traits became the cornerstones of my career as a researcher.

I have now spent over 25 years listening to thousands of people from all walks of life; identifying their needs and understanding their behaviour. I use traditional and on-line qualitative approaches to learn something new every day about my participants, the services they use, the products they buy and the brands they engage with.

My passion is to help individuals' live better lives by identifying their unmet needs and using this insight to empower organisations to make the decisions that will better connect them with their audience.

I believe in the power of good relationships. Whether it's participants I only meet for an hour or two, colleagues I work with on an ad-hoc basis or, clients with whom I develop long standing relationships, it's all about open and honest conversations.

I love variety. I have worked across many markets, sectors and categories, demonstrating my ability to learn and adapt quickly.

I like a challenge. I enjoy working on projects that challenge existing thinking and have the potential to unlock new insight. Research that will truly make a difference is what matters most to me.

I create bespoke research. I think creatively around research design making sure every project optimises learnings regardless of budgets.

I deliver clear and simple research. I believe research outputs need to be shared in a way that is easy to digest and act upon if it is to be put to good use.

I apply commercial thinking. Research outputs have the best chance of cut through if they make commercial sense to all stakeholders.

I don't give up. My clients value my determination to design creative research, diligently manage projects within time and budget constraints and, uncover the key insights that will improve the lives of people and businesses.

I collaborate with others. I work alongside a team of highly specialised and skilled researchers, adopting the skills and resource required when and where it is needed most.

I strive to deliver the best value from the whole research process. I engage all stakeholders in a way that ensures productivity is combined with fun and enthusiasm.

Services include:

I also provide one and two day training courses for client teams to learn Consumer Immersion techniques. This provides an opportunity to learn and practice techniques that help stakeholders get closer to their customers, consumers or members. It also helps teams gain a better understanding of the research process whilst focussing on a business issue relevant to the team.

Categories and sectors include;

I spend my time understanding shopper behaviour, identifying consumer needs, evaluating brands, exploring and developing concepts and seeking ways in which charities can deliver against their purpose and meet the needs of the members in a commercially viable way.

I've worked with Lisa many times through the years. She has the essential skill of the qualitative researcher - she is socially portable. She brings total commitment to the work she does. She is easy to work. And she is a consummate professional. I have never been less than delighted with the outputs from Lisa's work, her relationship management skills (it is just as important to be adaptable in front of key internal stakeholders as it is to be able to adapt to the participants in the research), and her ability to comfortably engage with any level of seniority within the business. Now is not a time to take risks. It is important to place trust in experienced practitioners. You need to be able to trust them to do, not only a good job, but to provide genuine insights. You need to be confident that your research pound will be fully utilised and that the research will be socialised with impact. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa. You should seriously consider her for your next project. (Tom Kerr, Founder of thought research and Treasurer of AURA)

As client, I have worked with Lisa Steadman on several retail projects over the last 5 years, investigating customer behaviour, store layouts, marketing signage, customer segments, etc. and she has delivered in every single occasion. I love her work style, highly professional, pragmatic, well structured, and adaptable to suit clients' needs, she is also fun to work with. She excels at stakeholders' management, she is credible, knowledgeable and handles challenge with great self-confidence. I would highly recommend Lisa, she is a fabulous qualitative research consultant, her findings achieved the holy grail of any customer insights team: actionable insights that drive real change in your organisation. (Jessica Trujillo, Customer Insight Manager, Dufry Group)

I have worked with Lisa in my roles at both Lil-lets and USN. Lisa brings broad and extensive knowledge of research techniques and methodologies to any research brief as well as extensive category experience across many FMCG food and non-food categories. She is always extremely flexible to suit the client's needs and challenges and, made my life easier as a client by managing all aspects of the project super efficiently. Lisa's reporting delivers sound feedback and clear recommendations that are not only commercially sensible but most of all, are grounded in true insight. It has always been a pleasure to work with Lisa who will not only deliver but, will always makes the project fun too. (Joanne Mintze, Marketing Director)

Myself and the team at The Lifesights Company have worked with Lisa for many years now. Whenever we require fieldwork in the UK or project support, Lisa is able to provide expert project management, moderation and interviewing and reporting skills for our German based team. We have worked with Lisa across a wide range of clients proving that she is quick to learn about new categories and sectors. We know we can rely on Lisa to ensure our clients get the high quality research they demand and, she will deliver insightful reports that help us deliver strategic guidance to them. Her informal and fun style makes working with her a pleasure. (Dirk Bentlege, Senior Project Manager)

Lockdown Launch

We have all been challenged by the pandemic this year in so many different ways. Every one of us has a different story of how it has affected us and our family, our friends, our work, our health, our plans for the future and more. It has taken its toll in so many ways and will leave its mark for many years to come on each and every one of us. read more.

Branding Steadman Insights

I had the pleasure of working with Christian Tait at Creative Cadence over the summer of 2020. As part of launching Steadman Insights, I needed a new brand identity that would communicate the value and emphasis I place on good conversations as the route to developing excellent client relationships and empathy with research participants. I was really chuffed with the design Christian came up with and would recommend him to anyone for any graphic design and branding work.. Click here to read more.

The AQR - In Brief Article Contribution

Following my attendance at one of The AQR weekly drop in sessions where I discussed my experience of conducting face-to-face research as the lockdown lifted, I was delighted to be asked to contribute to an article for their In Brief magazine. Click here to read the document.